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What are scorpions?


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Scorpions are a type of arachnid, as are spiders and mites. They are identified by eight legs, two body regions, and pedipalps. Pedipalps are claw-like structures that help them hold onto their prey while paralyzing it with the stinger located at the tip of the tail or while eating. Scorpions have two eyes on the top of the head and two to five pairs along the head’s front corners but have poor vision.

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Two of the most common scorpions living in Texas are the striped bark scorpion and the Texas cave scorpion. The Texas cave scorpion is dark in color and has thicker claws than the striped bark scorpion. The striped bark scorpion has a yellow or tan-colored body with two broad black stripes on the top of the abdomen. The long slender claws also help to identify the striped bark scorpion.

Are scorpions dangerous?

Scorpions possess venom they use to paralyze or kill prey or as a means of defense. The scorpion’s venom contains different compounds, including neurotoxins, which affect the nervous system. In most people, being stung by a scorpion is painful and causes mild to moderate reactions. If people are severely allergic to the venom, a severe reaction could occur that requires immediate medical attention. You should always take care around scorpions and give a wide berth to these stinging arachnids.

Why do I have a scorpion problem?

Properties with a lot of debris like leaves, brush, and woodpiles attract scorpions. Scorpions have high moisture needs and live in areas that meet those needs. Scorpions can live for long periods without food, but they cannot survive without water. The most common reason for scorpions to move into a home is because outside, it has become too hot and dry for them to survive. They also move inside when following prey or accidentally while climbing on the exterior walls of homes and other structures.

Where will I find scorpions?

Scorpions are nocturnal and are active at night, searching for prey. Texas cave scorpions prefer to live in caves and around our homes in grottos, limestone features, and rock walls. You’ll find striped bark scorpions in flower beds or gardens. Most are excellent climbers and climb on trees and interior and exterior walls.

Scorpions move into homes through gaps in exterior walls, open windows or doors, or using wires, cables, or phone lines moving into your home as a highway. Basements, bathrooms, and crawlspaces make perfect hideouts for scorpions.

How do I get rid of scorpions?

Scorpions have the potential to be quite dangerous and are difficult to control. If you need help getting scorpions off your Austin area property in the safest manner possible, turn to the professionals at Accurate Termite and Pest Control.

Our family-owned and operated pest control company is dedicated to our customers and helping people maintain pest-free properties. We tailor our scorpion control programs to meet our customer’s individual needs. With over 20 years in the pest control industry, you can feel at ease trusting us with your Texas home or business scorpion control needs.

To learn more about protecting your property from scorpions, reach out to Accurate Termite and Pest Control today.

How can I prevent scorpions in the future?

Our Accurate Termite and Pest Control professionals have put together a list of helpful prevention tips to assist Texas homeowners to avoid problems with scorpions:

  • Eliminate standing water from in and around your home that attracts these moisture seeking pests, such as leaking pipes, dripping hoses, and low-lying areas.
  • Seal any cracks discovered around windows or doors or in your foundation or exterior walls that may allow scorpions to find a way inside.
  • Clear away brush, woodpiles, leaf piles, and other debris from near your house that could draw scorpions to it.
  • Be vigilant about scorpions when going into dark storage areas to retrieve boxes or other stored items.
  • Thoroughly inspect any clothing or bedding that has been stored away for scorpions before using them.

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