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a colony of ants crawling on a sandwich on a kitchen table

How To Get Rid Of Ants On Your Austin, TX Property


Here in Austin, TX we’ve got a lot going for us: booming industry, a thriving music scene, vivid nightlife, and so many amazing food trucks it would take a lifetime to try all of them! However, with all that awesome food comes a hoard of not so awesome ants.... Read More

a scorpion in the bottom of a sneaker

The Most Frequently Asked Scorpion Questions In Austin


Humans are programmed to find certain things cute and other things scary. Although life experience can influence what we like and don’t like, there is a general view that most people share.  There is something inherently creepy about these multi-legged, stinging pests. ... Read More

termite activity in wooden walls

Getting Your Austin Property Ready For Termite Season


It’s logical to assume that if your Austin home or business had a pest problem, you’d notice it. You’d expect to see the insects and creatures, if not their nests or waste. It may be hard to believe, but many critters can slide on by undetected. Taking constant preventative measures is wise. This is especially true for termites.... Read More

fire ant hill on a lawn

Why Do I Have Fire Ants On My Austin Property?


Fire ant colonies in Austin can be a serious hazard to the health of your loved ones and overall safety of your home. Find out more about the risks and difficulties associated with fire ants, and what you can do about them.... Read More

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