How to Keep Your Pets Safe from Fire Ants in Austin and Central Texas

Apr 24, 2023

If you’re a pet owner in Austin or Central Texas, you know the dangers of fire ants all too well. Whether it’s your beloved cat or dog that is at risk, it’s important to take steps to protect them from these pesky pests. We’ve put together this guide on how to keep your pets safe from fire ants in Austin and Central Texas. Our pest control experts will provide advice on identifying fire ant mounds and getting rid of them safely so that your furry friends can stay safe and healthy!

Fire Ants Control for Pets Austin, Central TX

It’s important to be able to recognize a fire ant mound. They are usually visible in the lawn or garden and can range from one inch to three feet tall. The ants will typically live in these mounds and travel through tunnels that connect them together.

You may see several small holes around the mound, which indicate that the ants are actively foraging for food. It is also important to note that fire ant mounds often have multiple entrances, so it is not as easy for pets or humans to get rid of them by simply blocking off an entrance. It is best practice to seek out help from our pest control experts when dealing with a fire ant infestation on your property, as they understand how difficult it can be to eradicate these pests once they become established.

Accurate Termite and Pest Control experts can safely eliminate any existing colonies without putting your pet at risk while providing advice on preventative measures such as using baits, sprays, and granules near areas where pets have access.

If you suspect there might be a colony active somewhere else nearby, then professional extermination services should also be contacted in order to make sure this doesn’t become an issue later down the line.

It’s important to take precautions when dealing with fire ants in Austin and Central Texas. Taking the right steps can help keep your pets safe from these pests. Make sure to call Accurate Termite and Pest Control for professional assistance in eliminating the infestation.

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