Assessing The Effectiveness Of DIY Stinging Insect Control In Austin

Sep 30, 2022

You really don’t want to encounter stinging insects in Austin based on how aggressive all species of this pest can be and the risk of allergic reactions after being stung once or multiple times. And, when it comes to stinging insect control, sometimes DIY methods just don’t cut it. Our article will help you assess the effectiveness of DIY stinging insect control and give you pointers for when pest control in Austin is necessary to combat infestations of this potentially dangerous pest.

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What Types Of Stinging Insects Are Common For The Austin Area?

There are several types of stinging insects common in the Austin area. You may encounter any one of these insects around your property, so it is important to be able to tell the difference between them, especially when some stinging insect species are much more aggressive than others.

Commonly seen stinging insects in Austin include:

  • Wasps – longer, thin bodies with black and yellow markings. They build nests from wood and plant material that they mix with their saliva, creating papery material.
  • Yellow jackets – are yellow and black. They scavenge food outdoors and are some of the worst stinging insects due to their aggression.
  • Hornets – typically a little larger than wasps, they are usually black and white and build their nests in a ball shape high off the ground.
  • Mud daubers – have thin waists and are typically black, brown, or reddish. They build their nests out of mud and are relatively less aggressive than other stinging insect species.
  • Bees – area bee species include the bumblebee and the carpenter bee. They are round and fuzzy with black and yellow markings and prefer to make their nests in the ground, in tree hollows, in the wood of your property, or high up in trees.

If you need more help with stinging insect identification, you should contact Accurate Termite & Pest Control as soon as possible. Leave the stinging insect identification to the professionals who can complete the job safely, freeing you from the risk of stings.

Where Do Stinging Insects In Austin Live?

Stinging insects in Texas may live in many different spaces in the Austin area, depending on the species and the locations that they settle near. Around your property, you are most likely to encounter stinging insects with their nests in attics, inside the walls of your property, under eaves, in crawl spaces, and on tree branches. Still, others will build their nests along the siding of your property, on tree trunks, or in holes in the ground. The sheer diversity of where you may find a stinging insect nest makes it essential to consult our expert team at Accurate Termite & Pest Control. Only the professionals can correctly identify a nest and create a plan for its safe removal, sparing you from accidental stings.

How Effective Are Home Remedies For Stinging Insects?

Many Austin residents may attempt home remedies for stinging insects when they see these pest species around their property. However, these methods may be less than adequate – it all depends on what you are using and the type of stinging insect you are trying to eliminate.

For the most part, DIY stinging insect control is a bad idea. Because without professional protective equipment, you risk irritating the insects more and receiving stings. You may also not target the insects correctly with your home remedies, leaving you at risk for re-infestation.

Home remedies that focus on preventing stinging insects, like proper trash and food storage, eliminating outdoor hiding areas and debris, and planting flowers or plants that repel stinging insects, may be effective when combined with a professional pest control plan.

There Are So Many Stinging Insects In My Yard! What Should I Do?

If your yard is full of stinging insects, you should immediately contact Accurate Termite & Pest Control. Only professionals can help you safely identify your stinging insect problem and any problem areas that encourage infestation and provide you with the effective, efficient stinging insect removal you deserve. Professional stinging insect control is much more reliable than home remedies and much safer. So, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact Accurate Termite & Pest Control the moment that this pest appears around your property.

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