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Advanced Pest Control Solutions In Bee Cave, TX

Located west of Texas’s capital city of Austin, Bee Cave is a small suburb known for its beautiful sculpture park and other recreation options. But Texas’ warm climate and massive population mean that pest populations are never very far from our properties. This is why local residents have to be diligent when it comes to pest prevention. Waiting until a problem is already there before you act is a recipe for disaster. Learn how Accurate Termite & Pest Control can assist you today.

Residential Pest Control In Bee Cave, TX

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The problem with pests in your home is that they aren’t always as obvious as people assume. In fact, populations can grow undetected for weeks or even months before people notice the signs. This is why it’s important to take precautions and to regularly have your property inspected by professionals. At Accurate Termite & Pest Control, we can help you with these services:

General Pest Control: We offer comprehensive treatments that protect your home against a wide range of the most common pests. This includes preventative treatments and removal of current infestations.

Specialty Control: Some pests are persistent, however, or require specific treatments in order to address them. We offer specialty treatments that target these pests.

Follow-up Services: Even after our treatments are applied, we still make sure to always check in with you a few weeks later. This ensures the problem stays gone and that you are completely satisfied with our services.

Deal with pests on your Bee Cave property the right way by turning to Accurate Termite & Pest Control today.

Commercial Pest Control In Bee Cave, TX

While people tend to only think of pest control for restaurants, offices, or warehouses, we offer services to all these kinds of businesses and more. Here are some of the other types of facilities we service that people tend to not think about:

Apartment Complexes: Housing complexes with many people all sharing one tight space means that pests can target the maximum number of properties at once. That makes apartment complexes pretty attractive targets for them.

Doctor’s Offices: Even the spaces we hope are the cleanest can actually attract pests. Doctors’ offices have lots of linens and furniture around, which attract bed bugs and other pests.

Daycares: Places where children gather are pest havens because they act as hubs for pests from one household to spread to others.

No matter what kind of local business you own, turn to Accurate Termite & Pest Control for assistance with pest control and prevention.

Six Signs Your Bee Cave Home May Have A Termite Problem

Termites are a lot more common than people realize, and an infestation on your property can mean big costs and even structural hazards. This is why it’s important to know how to spot the signs of a colony forming and quickly turn to experts if you notice any of them. Here’s what to watch out for:

Frass: This refers to the fine sawdust that termites leave behind when they chew through woods. The problem is that frass is rarely just lying around because termites are subterranean and tend not to attack surface woods.

Warped Woods: As termites chew through the core of wooden materials, the surface changes because of the change in surface tension. If you notice structural woods that appear warped, call the pros immediately.
Doors & Windows: The same is true of door and window frames, which can become suddenly loose or tight-fitting thanks to changes in the wood surrounding them.

Wall Panels: Serious termite damage is often connoted by sagging wall panels, as structural woods can no longer support the weight of drywall and other building materials that termites leave alone.

Discarded Wings: One of the earliest signs of a termite population is the discarded wings left behind by swarmers, which shed their wings and become the queens of newly formed colonies.

Clicking: One of the toughest signs to detect is the faint clicking sound that termites make by knocking their heads against wood -- a way of alerting other termites to danger.

The best way to ensure you’re not missing any of these signs is to have pest control experts inspect your property. At Accurate Termite & Pest Control, we specialize in helping property owners avoid and quickly clamp down on termite infestations. Contact us today, before you have to worry about serious damage.

How To Get Rid Of Scorpions On Your Bee Cave Property

Scorpions are one of those pests that are both common and dangerous. Their venomous stingers can cause anyone harm and, just like bees or other stinging pests, people can be allergic to the compounds that circulate through the blood following a sting. This is why it’s important to turn to professionals for help keeping scorpions off your property. At Accurate Termite & Pest Control, we know how to prevent and eliminate scorpions from your yard. Contact us today to get started.


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