Wildlife Control for Austin, TX

opposumsAustin and its surrounding sister towns are nestled in the beautiful hill country.  The same natural habitat that draws humans to this area of Central Texas also attracts our wildlife population.

Wildlife like raccoons, opossums, squirrels, snakes, rats and bats don’t have mailing addresses but they are known to frequently take up residence in our neighborhoods.  One such opossum chose to nest in the head of a metal knight statue we had in our landscaped garden.  Gave us quite a fright when the knight came alive with beady little eyes staring out from the face shield, when we attempted to move the knight one day!  

texas squirrelsWhat to do if you are faced with such a critter that may be living under your deck, in your attic, chimney or wall?  Call Accurate Termite and Pest Control at 512-267-0812  for humane removal of animals by trapping and relocation.  We are wildlife control professionals and can safely remove unwanted animals without injury to you or the animal.

possumMost people don’t realize that the common squirrel can cause much damage until it’s too late.  Your attic makes a warm and cozy home, and they love to chew on wood and electrical wires.  The beautiful masked bandit, the raccoon can become quite a nuisance too, raiding and spilling trash cans, and stealing pet food.  Raccoons also love setting up housekeeping in chimneys and attics.  Accurate Termite and Pest Control can not only safely remove these animals from your home, but locate their point of entry, and construct shields to prevent further nesting with our custom exclusion services.

The lone opossum, as our beady eye knight in shining armor, can also be the culprit responsible for stealing the pet food and turning over the trash can.  Call us if you decide to remove him from your yard.  

Whatever your wildlife problem may be, we can help.


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