Termite Treatments: Options for Homeowner Confronting an Infestation

Termite Treatments Austin TXTermites are no laughing matter to a concerned homeowner. These creatures can gradually destroy most families’ biggest investment, their home. There are a variety of different ways of controlling and preventing a termite infestation. This article will examine several different termite treatments.

The first type of treatment that a homeowner could consider is a baiting. In this process, a termite professional will lay down bait stations around the home at the places termites are most likely to be found. Termite food is put their to bait them there. It will be laced with a poison that is typically taken back to the nest where it helps to reduce the size of the colony.

There are also a number of liquid termite treatments that can be used to control infections. These are usually placed at strategic home entry points in the soil around the home. There are generally two different classes of these treatments.

The first class of liquid treatments are repellants. These treatments use chemicals that will force the termites to move away from the region. If the termites are outside of your house, then they will be deterred from coming in through the entry points. If they are inside the house, they will not be able to escape the house and will likely die in the walls.

There are other liquid barrier treatments that do not repel termites at all. These non-repellants cannot be detected by the termites at all. Much like the baited treatments, these liquids contain an active poison that the termites will carry back to their nests and kill other members of the colony. These newer termite treatments seem to be much more reliable than repellants of solving an infestation problem on the very first attempt.

For very severe infestations, more drastic action might need to be taken. Fumigation is viewed as an option of last resort in such circumstances. Fumigation involves covering your entire house with a tent. Then a highly poisonous air mixture is pumped into the house under pressure to reach the termites in the walls through the various cracks. Fumigation is highly effective; however, it can also be more expensive and inconvenient than other treatment options.

If you have a problem with termites, then you need to seek a treatment immediately to prevent further damages. Call Accurate Termite & Pest Control today for termite treatments in the Austin area. (512) 267-0812.

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