Protect Your Family & Yard From Stinging Fire Ants

And Receive a $15 OFF REBATE for Fire Ant TreatmentAnts nest

This would be a great time to do a fire ant treatment in your yard.  You might be thinking, “But I don’t see any fire ant mounds in my yard now!”  This may be true, but because this product takes about 4-6 weeks to take full effect, we recommend performing this treatment now so you will be Fire Ant Free when the Spring Temperatures are here!

We use a product called Top Choice, which is formulated just for Fire Ant Treatments, to last all year long.
We guarantee our fire ant treatments for one full year.  If you have any problems within the year, just call us back out to touch up.  But, this product, Top Choice, is designed to last one year long. And, Bayer Top Choice provides you with a $15 Rebate if you have your yard professionally treated for fire ants!

Around the Austin area, we have been experiencing quite a bit of wet weather.  This also makes it a great time to apply the product. It is water activated, so it actually needs moisture to begin working well!

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