A Cockroach Interruption

American Texas CockroachSometimes Texas pests and critters have impeccable timing when it comes to making an appearance. Have you ever been to a dinner party or event when a pest starts climbing a wall or on the floor near the guests? Its so embarrassing, and later provides some comical laughs to all of the guests attending.

Recently, fleet-and-facilities Chicago Commissioner David Reynolds was testifying at a budget hearing when a cockroach made its appearance, climbing the stark-white walls in the room, making its dark reddish brown color really stand out! He had to hire a private pest control company immediately following the hearing. And told reporters that he was ‘mortified’. Read the entire article here: http://time.com

Don’t set yourself up for one of these embarrassing appearances this holiday season. Call Accurate Termite & Pest Control today to set up your pest control service so your home can be protected from the outside in.

Cooler temperatures are here and those pesky critters will be looking for ways to enter your home. We can give access your home for potential entry points and seal them up to make sure nothing can get in. Its something we do for our Austin & Leander area customers all winter long!