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Protect Your Family & Yard From Stinging Fire Ants

And Receive a $15 OFF REBATE for Fire Ant Treatment This would be a great time to do a fire ant treatment in your yard.  You might be thinking, "But I don't see any fire ant mounds in my yard now!"  This may be true, but because this product takes about 4-6 weeks to take full effect, we recommend performing this treatment now so you will be Fire Ant Free when the Spring Temperatures are here! We use a product called Top Choice, which is formulated just for Fire Ant Treatments, to last all year long.We guarantee our fire ant treatments for one full year.  If you have any problems within the year, just call us back out to touch up.  But, this product, Top Choice, is designed to last one year long. And, Bayer Top Choice provides you with a $15 Rebate if you have your yard professionally … [Read more...]

Wildlife Control for Austin, TX

Austin and its surrounding sister towns are nestled in the beautiful hill country.  The same natural habitat that draws humans to this area of Central Texas also attracts our wildlife population. Wildlife like raccoons, opossums, squirrels, snakes, rats and bats don’t have mailing addresses but they are known to frequently take up residence in our neighborhoods.  One such opossum chose to nest in the head of a metal knight statue we had in our landscaped garden.  Gave us quite a fright when the knight came alive with beady little eyes staring out from the face shield, when we attempted to move the knight one day!   … [Read more...]

A Cockroach Interruption

Sometimes Texas pests and critters have impeccable timing when it comes to making an appearance. Have you ever been to a dinner party or event when a pest starts climbing a wall or on the floor near the guests? Its so embarrassing, and later provides some comical laughs to all of the guests attending. Recently, fleet-and-facilities Chicago Commissioner David Reynolds was testifying at a budget hearing when a cockroach made its appearance, climbing the stark-white walls in the room, making its dark reddish brown color really stand out! He had to hire a private pest control company immediately following the hearing. And told reporters that he was 'mortified'. Read the entire article here: Don't set yourself up for one of these embarrassing appearances this holiday season. … [Read more...]

You’ve heard for West Nile Virus, but what about Chikungunya?

West Nile Virus, Chickungunya, and Eastern Equine Encephalitis are mosquito borne diseases here in the United States. In fact, 2 of these viruses (West Nile and Chikungunya) have had cases here in Texas this year. Wes Nile Virus.  Some people contract this disease but don't even show any signs or symptoms.  Only one in five infected will develop symptoms such as a head/body aches, joint pains, vomiting, diarrhea or rash, fever, and fewer will experience meningitis, which can be deadly.  Symptoms can take up to two weeks to show up and last for weeks. Chikungunya Virus.  You will probably develop symptoms such as fever, headache, muscle or joint pain, or a rash within a week of contracting the virus.  Quicker than West Nile Virus!  You will however, usually feel better in a week.  … [Read more...]

Termite Treatments: Options for Homeowner Confronting an Infestation

Termites are no laughing matter to a concerned homeowner. These creatures can gradually destroy most families' biggest investment, their home. There are a variety of different ways of controlling and preventing a termite infestation. This article will examine several different termite treatments. The first type of treatment that a homeowner could consider is a baiting. In this process, a termite professional will lay down bait stations around the home at the places termites are most likely to be found. Termite food is put their to bait them there. It will be laced with a poison that is typically taken back to the nest where it helps to reduce the size of the colony. There are also a number of liquid termite treatments that can be used to control infections. These are usually placed … [Read more...]

An Interview with the Founder of Accurate Termite & Pest Control

1. Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation. Our company, Accurate Termite and Pest Control, has been in business for almost 15 years.  Brandon Smith, the owner, has been in the pest control industry for 20 years.  I have lived in Leander almost my entire life, so it seemed appropriate to start my business here. However, we serve Austin and the surrounding area everyday.  We like that we know our customers by name, and we don't need our customers to sign a service contract.  We feel if you are happy with the service we provide, you'll continue to use us for all your pest control needs. 2. What are some of the services your company provides? We regularly perform general pest control treatments, subterranean termite treatments, termite inspections, and animal removal … [Read more...]

Fall is Here! – Pest Control Tips for the Austin Texas Area

Fall Prep for your Home - Pest Control Tips to Keep Pests at Bay and Far, Far Away.  As the cooler weather starts to set in, it is time to start thinking about prepping your home so that pests don’t make your home their warm home. The Pest Control Service Professionals at Accurate Termite & Pest Control have some tips that you might find very useful this fall. Animals will invade your home as refuge from colder weather heading your way.  Because we live in Texas, it might be weeks to months before we see the really cold weather, but some of these “chores” might take awhile to complete.  So, start now, and your home will be YOUR cozy home, not home to any unwelcome guests. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) recommends these fall pest-proofing tips: * Install door … [Read more...]