Rodent Control Service

After your initial call and consultation, Accurate Termite and Pest Control will send one of our trained, experienced rodent exclusion specialists out to your home to properly inspect the property and its surroundings, identify rodents that exist in the area, and design a pest control treatment program that makes sense for your particular issues.

Our pest control service is designed to:

  • Identify existing rodents and locate resulting damage
  • Inspect the property for conditions that might be favorable for rodent infestation
  • Seal or close all possible entry and exit points
  • Install, return and remove traps
  • Apply an appropriate baiting system and/or glue boards
  • Execute humane removal of all trapped animals
  • All performed under a one-year renewable warranty

For a free quote for rodent control, contact Accurate Termite & Pest Control (512) 267-0812.