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78674 Cockroach Removal Austin TexasAccurate’s Pest Control treatments offer options to exterminate pests, including: ants, spiders, scorpions, wasps, bees, crickets, roaches and many more. After your initial inspection by our pest control specialist, we will devise a plan that is designed around the specific pest problem in your home or around your property.  More …


Termite Control 78674Inspecting your home or property for termites in Austin and surrounding areas is an important step in protecting your investment. If an infestation is found during our termite inspection, the our specialist can design a treatment plan for your property that will control a current infestation and prevent future termite infestations.
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Rodent ControlRodent control is a year round issue in Central Texas. If you are having a problem with rodents, don’t hesitate to call us. We will send one of our trained, experienced rodent control specialists out to inspect the property and its surroundings, identify rodents that exist in the area, and design a rodent control treatment program.  More …


Fire Ant ControlWe treat fire ant infestations with a product called TopChoice, which is a non-bait, granular, professionally applied insecticide that doesn’t require multiple re-applications and maintains its effectiveness, even when in water. We’ve had great luck controlling fire ants around Austin homes and properties.
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How To Find Reputable Pest Control Professionals For Termites Rodents Fire Ants And Scorpions

Are you currently having a problem with pests at your home? There are many different types of pest infestations that can occur. Depending upon what area of the world that you live in, you could have termites, rodents, fire ants and even scorpions that are constantly invading your personal space. Some of these can be very dangerous for not only you, but also your family members and workers if this is happening at your place of business. You will want to find a pest control specialist to come out to your area to quickly assess the problem, and then quickly exterminate the pests as soon as possible.

Pest Control 78674

If you have ever contacted a pest control professional, these are individuals or companies that use very specific types of chemicals in order to eliminate pests. They are called out for a multitude of reasons including reasons of personal health, economy or even for ecological purposes. These professionals, referred to as exterminators, may show up in a truck. They can also use a plane, those that are used for cropdusting, but in most cases you will be contacting a company that will drive out to your location to inspect and then exterminate. Pest control has been implemented for hundreds, if not thousands, of years by people that understood how important it was to keep a certain pests under control. As long as crops have been grown, and people have lived in households, this is an ongoing need that seems to get worse all the time. Whether you are using chemicals designed to get rid of ants, cockroaches, termites, spiders, or using pesticides on a crop, these are all designed to control these invaders which can actually cause damage both physically and economically, which is why the business of pest control has always been available in communities worldwide.

Termite Control 78674

Termites are one of the most detrimental insects that can affect any structure that stands. Whether you are dealing with a dry wood termites, a subterranean termite, or a desert termite, they can each cause a substantial amount of damage. Known as the silent destroyer, they are able to invade your home without being detected as they typically travel with in the wood of your home. They can consume virtually any type of cellulose-based material which is why the structure of your home may become their primary target. They are also detritivores which simply means that they feed upon dead plants and trees. They are literally able to tear off pieces of the cellulose, or any type of woody material, causing significant damage despite only being a few millimeters in length. Once a colony has matured, it is possible for them to consume an entire household, eating it from the inside out. The only way to stop them at this point is to use what appears to be a large tarp that completely surrounds the house, and fumigate in the inside. This is what a professional exterminator will be able to do, but if they are able to catch the termites early, it is possible to preserve your house and stop their advance into your home, helping to prevent what could become a very expensive disaster.

Termite Pretreatment 78674

termite prevention treatment 78674

We offer termite prevention treatment as well.

Termite Inspection 78674

When a professional comes to do a termite inspection in 78674 TX, they are going to look for indicators that a termite colony has definitely infiltrated. The first step of the process is looking for areas of your home where moisture may be available in conjunction with what, creating the perfect atmosphere for termites. This could be a leaky faucet, standing water in the basement or on the roof, or even in your central ducting system. If you have a significant amount of firewood outside of your home, this is creating a path directly to your home, where they can easily burrow into the what or even access your house through screens an outside vents. Certain warning signs that they will look for are winged insects that will come out of the ground adjacent to your house. If they knock on wood of your walls and it sounds hollow, or if there is any bubbly or cracked paint, these are clues and signs that they have already come in. It is after this inspection that they will go over the proper procedures that must be taken in order to eliminate the termites completely. However, if you are experiencing a completely different type of infestation, one that is caused by rodents, there are a few different procedures that must be undertaken.

Rodent Control 78674

If you have rodents such as rats or mice at your home, this can cause a multitude of problems. Not only can they burrow into the walls of your home, but they can leave feces on your floor, counters, and even on your bed, creating a potentially toxic atmosphere. This can lead to health issues, and you will want to bring in an exterminator as soon as possible. They can set traps that will catch the rodents, and use different chemicals to eliminate them, helping you to stop this infestation from getting worse. There is nothing more frightening than hearing noises at night, or the sound of their footsteps as they moved quickly across the ground. There is something even worse than that which is an infestation of fire ants which will require a completely different assessment and extermination procedure.

Fire Ant Control 78674

Fire ants refer to a species of ants, specifically Solenopsis. There are currently 200 species that are known, and they are called fire ants not because they are on fire, but because when they bite you it can be painful. They are brown in color, with a copper brown head, although the worker ants tend to people red and black. They are very small, about six millimeters in length, and each colony will create a mound on the ground in an open area, allowing them to easily attack even small animals and kill them. Not only do they bite you, they also sprayed acid into the wound, and when they bite, it is simply to get a grip. They will then staying you with their abdomen, and at the same time inject a toxic venom, causing extreme pain similar to how it feels when you are burnt with fire. If people are very sensitive to this type of toxicity in their body, it can actually cause sickness or death. This is why bringing an exterminator out to your location to eliminate these fire ants is so important, especially if you have young children that will be playing outside.

Scorpion Control 78674

One of the most feared creatures is the scorpion, not only because of what it can do, but because of how it looks. They have a very distinctive appearance, and they are regarded as a predatory arachnid, having eight legs with the trademark pincers in the front. In similar ways, they are very much like a crap with the pincers, with the main difference being the long tail in the back which has a stinger on the top. It is believed that they have been around for hundreds of millions of years, and although they are frightening to look at, most of the scorpion stings that occur are very painful, but mostly harmless. This is true for scorpions in the United States, however those in other countries can be deadly to many people. They can be found on every continent except Antarctica, and although you could purchase insecticides that will eliminate them, it is better to call an exterminator for this type of problem.

Scorpion Exterminator 78674

The first thing that an exterminator will do is look for the scorpions, which are very common in states such as Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Although they are typically found in desert areas, they can actually be located in grasslands, pine forests, and even rain forests, depending upon the area of the world. If they are coming into your house, you most certainly need to call one of these exterminators which can handle the problem. As mentioned before, they are not poisonous, but this staying can be very painful, and can actually be deadly for those that are susceptible to stings from bees or wasps. So where can you find a quality pest exterminator in your area? Here are a few tips that you can use.

Pest Exterminator 78674

The first place that you will want to look for a pest exterminator is to search in the Yellow Pages. You will see a listing for all of them that are available, and you can easily call them up on the phone to set an appointment. If you would like to know more about each company that you are contacting, it is recommended that you use the Internet. This will allow you to find all of the businesses that are in your general proximity, plus you will be able to see any testimonials that have been written about them on the search engines, allowing you to make the right choice. It is also recommended that you talk to them about pricing before they come out. This will help you make your final decision. Of course, your priority is to eliminate these pests that are coming into your home, but it’s always good to get a great deal in Texas.

Termite Exterminator 78674

If your main problem is a termite infestation, then you may want to focus on an exterminator that specializes in this area. Some of them are equipped to handle rodents and spiders very easily, but to fully eradicate a termite colony that has infested your home, this may take special equipment and chemicals that can be used only on termites that can eliminate them very fast. Time is definitely of the essence when you are working with termites because they can multiply so quickly. Additionally, if you were not aware that they were there, they may have been there for several months, or even longer, which means they need to be taken care of as soon as possible to prevent any further damage to the structure of your home.

Rodent Exterminator 78674

Most people that have an infestation have mice or rats that are running around their house, especially during the evening hours. If you do not have a cat, then you are likely to have this type of problem as the feline species can easily keep this under control. In the same way that a termite inspector may not be fully equipped to handle a rodent infestation, the same is true for those that only do rats and mice. You will want to make sure that they have a history of handling this problem expediently, which you can determine by looking at what others have said about how they once had a rodent problem, and they are now gone, because of certain companies in your area.

Fire Ant Exterminator 78674

Finally, if you to have a fire ant problem, you will want to contact in extermination company that understands how to deal with these particular insects. They can be problematic, and may lead to significant damage to those that inadvertently step where they are coming out of the ground, so this needs to be eliminated as soon as possible. Most businesses will tell you what they specialize in, or if they are able to handle all types of infestations. As always, try to find some social proof that a company is able to do the work that they say before you definitively choose one business over another This basic overview of how you can find a reputable pest-control professional should give you a basic idea of what all of these pests are capable of doing, and why you need to be careful when choosing an exterminator. Whether you have a rodent, termite, fire ant, or a scorpion problem, you will be able to find someone that can help you out. One company that you can always count on is Accurate Termite and Pest Control, a business that has been operating in Austin for many years. They are able to give you a free quote and quick consultation if you are having any of the problems that have been mentioned. You can also visit their website to contact them directly at: accuratetermite.com. Offering 78674 termite pretreatment and pest control and termite inspections in Texas.

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