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Cockroach Removal TexasAccurate’s treatments offer options to exterminate pests, including: ants, spiders, scorpions, wasps, bees, crickets, roaches and many more. After your initial inspection by our specialist, we will devise a plan that is designed around the specific pest problem in your home or around your property.  More …


Inspecting your home or property for termites in Texas and surrounding areas is an important step in protecting your investment. If an infestation is found during our termite inspection, the our specialist can design a treatment plan for your property that will control a current infestation and prevent future termite infestations.


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Rodent ControlersRodent control is a year round issue in Austin Texas. If you are having a problem with rodents, don’t hesitate to call us. We will send one of our trained, experienced specialists out to inspect the property and its surroundings, identify rodents that exist in the area, and design a treatment program.  More …


Fire Ant ControlWe treat fire ant infestations with a product called TopChoice, which is a non-bait, granular, professionally applied insecticide that doesn’t require multiple re-applications and maintains its effectiveness, even when in water. We’ve had great luck controlling fire ants around your Texas homes and properties.
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We are experts in the extermination of termites checkup, rodents, scorpions and fire ants, throughout Texas. If you are experiencing bug problems, you are not alone. There is a wide range of pests that can overrun your home and leave you feeling helpless! Different kinds of insects and rodents can plague your residence depending on what area of the country you live in. Some regions have more scorpions and termites than others, while other areas deal more with fire ants and small rodents. Most of these pests can be extremely dangerous to you and your family if not treated properly and in a timely manner. Not to mention it can be bad for business if your infestation permeates through your workplace! Ideally you should contact a extermination professional so they can resolve the problem quickly.


When you hire a company, they utilize a team of skilled professionals who use specific kinds of chemicals to eradicate and prevent new pests from returning. We can be used for many reasons, some of which include personal health, economic reasons (places of business), and ecological purposes (preserving crops or produce). The team of professionals (sometimes only an individual), will come to your residence and place of business and perform services right where you are. Infestation management has been used for hundreds of years due to the fact that small rodents and insects can damage the health, homes and business of the people they plague. As long as families live in homes and crops are planted, people will need to find a way to regulate , because insects and rodents are not going anywhere. Whether you utilize chemicals to exterminate household insects like termites, cockroaches, ants or spiders, or use pesticides to prevent crop damage, both are designed to eliminate invaders that can cause bodily harm as well as economic damage. For this reason, services have been utilized in communities worldwide. Having small rodents such a mice or rats inside your home can cause a long list of problems. Not only do they make your home toxic by leaving feces on countertops and floors, they can also burrow into walls of your home creating structural damage. Both of these issues can lead to long term damage to your health and home, so you would want to hire a company as soon as possible. The company will assist you by setting traps to kill the rodents, as well as place different chemicals in places the rodents will go, thereby eliminating them and preventing the problem from worsening. The infestation can also cause emotional damage, especially to younger children, by hearing rodent noise at night or the sound of their scurrying footsteps moving quickly across your floors, walls or roof. Another detriment to your home is fire ants, which requires a different approach and extermination procedure.

Rat, Mice & Rodents

Fire Ant Control Fire ants are a different species of ant called the Solenopsis. Out of over 200 species of ants, these insects are particularly destructive and harmful to humans. They are called fire ants due to the fact that when they bite it can feel like your skin is on fire, and leads to a lot of pain. The fire ants have a brown body with a copper brown head, although the worker fire ants can have red and black coloring. As all ants, they are very small, approximately six millimeters in length. Fire ants create their colonies in a mound on the ground in an open area, allowing them to prey on other insects and even small rodents, due to their toxic bite. When fire ants bite their prey, they spray toxic acid into the wound in order to kill their victim. The reason a fire ant bite feels like a fiery, painful sensation on your skin is due to the toxic venom that is sprayed by the fire ant into your open wound. Although most humans cannot die from a fire ant bite, if a person’s immune system is especially sensitive to this type of toxicity, the bite can cause sickness or even death in some cases. This is why hiring an exterminator and acquiring services is so important when dealing with fire ants, especially if you have young children playing outside near these fire ant mounds.

Scorpion Control Scorpions are one of the most feared creatures, not only due to their hideous appearance, but because of how dangerous they are to humans and pets. They are very distinct in their appearance and they are considered a predatory arachnid. They are a part of the spider family due to the fact that they have eight legs with characteristic pinchers or claws on the front of their bodies. Perhaps the most frightening thing about scorpions is their curved tail that stings its prey. They are similar to crabs with their front pinchers, with the main difference being the long, dangerous tail in the back. They are believed to be one of the oldest arachnid species and although they are visually disturbing, what most people do not know is they can be relatively harmless. Although scorpion stings and pinches can be incredibly painful (especially when stepped on), their stings are mostly harmless. This is true for scorpions native to the United States, however scorpion species in other parts of the world can be deadly. A fun fact about scorpions is that they can be found on every continent except for Antarctica. Although you can purchase chemical insecticides that may kill them, it is better that people hire a professional exterminator to deal with a scorpion infestation. Serving these Texas locations: Bartlett, Bastrop, Bertram, Briggs, Cedar Park, From the valley, Driftwood, Dripping Springs, Elgin, Florence, Georgetown, Hutto, Jarrell, Lago Vista, Leander, Liberty Hill, Manchaca, Marble Falls, Mc Neil, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Taylor, Thorndale, Thrall, Tow, Walburg, Weir, Lake Travis, Lakeway, Bee Cave, Westlake Texas.

Termite Control Out of all insects, it is believed to be that termites are the most detrimental due to the fact that they can harm any structure or building. There are several types of termites, such as the dry wood termite survey, subterranean termite and the desert termite, and each one can cause a considerable amount of damage. Termites are commonly referred to as the ‘silent destroyer’ due to the fact that they can destroy the structure of your home without being detected, sometimes until it is too late. They remain under the radar because they travel within the wood paneling of your home, and often to not come out into open spaces where people can easily see them. Termites devour any type of cellulose-based material, which is why the woody material of your home is their central target. They feast upon dead plants and trees, which means they are called detritivores. Although they are only a few millimeters in length, they are able to cause remarkable amounts of damage because they literally tear off pieces of the cellulose, or any type of woody material, within your home. Termites are extremely powerful and once their colony has matured, they are able to devour an entire household, consuming it from the inside out. A termite infestation is one of the leading reasons for whole-home tented fumigation. When you see a large tarp-like tent covering a house, they are being fumigated by bug professionals and there is a good chance it was due to termites. If a termite infestation is discovered early, and an exterminator is called immediately, there is a good chance that they will be able to save your home from any further termite damage, as well as prevent future termite infestations through a chemical perimeter. This would prevent an extremely irritating and expensive disaster.

Termite Inspector When an exterminator is called and comes to do a termite analysis, they will examine your home to look for indictors that a termite colony has infiltrated your foundation. The first step in the investigation process is to find any areas of your home that moisture has gathered, which creates the perfect environment for termites to infiltrate. These areas can be due to a leaky faucet, a busted pipe, standing water on the roof or in the basement, or even in your central HVAC system. When people have a large amount of firewood built up outside of their home, or in their garage, this could create the perfect environment for termite investigation to burrow into the wood of your home. They can even crawl through screens or vents to get to the wood inside of your walls. There are a few warning signs that the exterminator will look for. They will knock on the wood of your walls and see if it sounds hollow, look for cracked or bubbling paint, and they will look for winged insects surrounding your home—all signs that a termite infestation may be going on. After the initial inspection, the exterminator will then take you through the next steps in order to eliminate the termites completely.

Scorpion Exterminator In the United States, scorpions are most common in the southern region such as New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. They are commonly found in desert and dry areas, but have been known to live in some wet places such as grasslands, pine forests and even some rain forests. This depends on the region of the globe and what type of species the scorpion is. If you are experiencing a scorpion infestation, and your residence is crawling with these dangerous arachnids, it is best to call an exterminating professional. As soon as you find a scorpion inside of your home, there will sure to be more. Although it is unlikely that you or your family members will die from a scorpion sting, the bites can be extremely painful and traumatic, especially for small children. If a person is particularly sensitive to bee or wasp stings, they may be more likely to be seriously harmed from a scorpion sting. It is important to have a contact for a exterminator in your area, in case you need the job done quickly. Below are a few tips when searching for the right type of company.

Pest Exterminator Searching through the yellow pages or phonebook to find a corporation can be tedious and inefficient. There is a better way! A quick internet search will be able to locate the extermination professionals in your local area, as well as provide reviews and details of services offered. Reviews are a great way to know if you are choosing the right exterminators. Other customers in your area can tell you if the exterminator did an adequate job of eliminating the insects or rodents in their home. From there, you should locate a business phone number and call the company to get a price quote for your service request.

Rodent Exterminator Rodents such as rats and mice are very common in residential areas, because they enjoy eating scraps found on the ground, trash, and garden produce. They are nocturnal so they can usually be heard scampering about during the early and late night hours. One benefit of owning a house cat is due to the fact that cats do an excellent job of catching mice and rats and controlling household rodent issues. Not all epidemic companies are willing or able to handle rodent infestations, so it is important that you contact the company beforehand and verify that they can manage your rodent problem. Some annoyance companies strictly deal with insects such as termites, ants or mosquitoes, and choose not to remove small rodents. Again, reviews are a good way to determine if the company you are about to hire is skilled in the removal of small rodents.

Fire Ant Exterminator Fire ants are another that only particular companies tackle head on. Due to their dangerous nature and their ability to overrun residential territories, it is important that the pestilence be experienced and skilled in the removal of fire ants. Fire ants require specific removal processes and are much more complicated than the extermination of basic house ants. A professional exterminator should be the only ones to handle a large fire ant infestation due to the fact that they wear proper protective shoes, clothing, etc. to safeguard themselves against fire ant bites. It is important to handle fire ant infestation in a timely manner, as the problem could easily run out of control. As always, it is helpful to contact the tormentor company prior to them driving out to your location to ensure that they handle fire ant issues.

Termite Exterminator If you are facing a termite infestation, make sure that the company you hire has experience dealing with these types of cases. Since termites can be particularly damaging to your home, it is imperative that you contact a creepy crawler company as soon as you discover termites in or around your home. Only certain destruction companies are equipped to handle termite colony infestations, due to the distinct way in which termites are exterminated. Termite removal requires special equipment and chemicals that are used solely on these type of cases. When dealing with a termite issue, it is wise not to delay due to the fact that termites multiply and move so quickly. Also, in regards to termites specifically, they can remain hidden for months before being discovered, so it is crucial to get the problem taken care of immediately—before your home begins to fall apart! This is a basic outline on how to locate a quality flea company in your area, as well as pertinent information on different types of pests that can invade your home. Accurate serves most areas throughout Texas and is the best choice for all of your beetle needs. They specialize in termite removal, rodent inpsector and all insect elimination such as fire ants, cockroaches, spiders, scorpions, bees, wasps, crickets and more. Not only are they the best at termite elimination, but they also offer termite pre-treatments and termite prevention treatments. Accurate Termite & gnat has been operating out of Texas for many years and is a well known and trusted company throughout the area. You can count on them to eliminate pests fast and do a quality job at a great price! They offer free price quotes on service and speedy consultations so that they can get the job done faster! They have many positive reviews online and you can get more information on their services, areas of service and contact information at Accurate. Services in More info. How AccurateTermite.Com Can Eliminate The Worry Of Insect Damage To Your Home There are many types of pests that can invade our homes, some are dangerous because they sting, while others are dangerous because they carry diseases. Still, others can, over time, cause incredible amounts of damage to the wood structure of the home quietly working 24 hours per day. One thing you have to ask yourself is if you could eliminate just one pest, which one would take priority over all of the others? As it turns out, you really don’t have to choose just one, you can have a complete elimination service control them all at the same time. Termites Are Hard To Totally Eliminate For Various Reasons One thing to understand about termites is that there are most likely many hundreds of thousands living in the ground below your feet right now. They live off of the old fallen trees and their roots underground for many hundreds of years, sending out scouts to look for other food sources daily. They’re really easy to kill because they’re very fragile insects, but their power lies in the millions of new recruits they produce each month, you just can’t kill them all, no matter how hard you try. So what usually is done, is a barrier is laid out in the soil around your home to keep them away.

Pflugerville Texas The vermin personnel at will start by digging a trench around the entire foundation and using an approved treatment company for a chemical to saturate the soil. This makes a long-term barrier that will stop most of the scouts and worker insects from traveling through the ground to find your home and infest it.

Georgetown TX In some situations where the termites are a huge problem, such as new construction next to a wooded area, an actual physical barrier will be laid in the ground around the home to prevent the termites from passing through. This is a preventative measure that will last up to 30 years or more and is well worth the investment.

It’s important to have inspect your home regularly for any new infestations. Not only should you have any home you’re buying inspected for pests, you should also have your home carefully inspected at least once per year as well. Termites, carpenter ants, bees and wasps can invade and cause damage in a very short while. You should also take regular slow walks around the entire perimeter of your home monthly and report anything suspicious to your insect experts.

Round Rock When The controlers Experts Arrive Follow Them And Learn pestering About half of what a pesters inspector does the average homeowner could do for themselves more frequently. The careful inspection of the outside of your foundation, any plants touching the home, and a basement inspection could be done by many homeowners. But crawling under porches, in hot attics, and underneath the home should always be left to the professionals with the proper equipment and training.


If looking for pests entering your home isn’t something you’d like to do on a regular basis, of course, Accurate Termite will always be happy to do it for you and give you a written assessment of what they found and where. Plus, since all of their treatments come with written warranties, once you’ve been treated, you have nothing to worry about for quite some time into the future.

Numerous manage companies offer I.P.M. or integrated management techniques, with out explaining what that indicates. Integrated pest management is a minimal pesticide management method that keeps houses or businesses totally free by employing simple cleanup steps to decrease infestation occurrences. When a Griffin Pest Management technician comes to treat your house or company, they will customize an I.P.M. technique for you to keep your area totally free in the future.

When it comes to termites, “out of sight” does not usually imply “out of mind.” Signs of a termite infestation are difficult to spot, and many termites even tunnel hundreds of feet to attain a home or feeding website. That is why obtaining Orkin Termite research now is essential to helping protect your home-before termites attack.

Insect from Orkin assists you not just treat a current termite infestation, but additionally helps prevent an unwanted termite presence later.

If pests return between remedies, we’ll return at no extra charge. And if we’re unable to resolve your issue, we’ll refund your final service payment so long as you’re a customer.

Inspecting for termites could be a dirty job. You might wish to purchase and put on a pair of disposable coveralls along with a pair of gloves. A vibrant flashlight will come in handy to light up dim or dark locations and a flat headed screwdriver will allow you to probe wood to find weakness that’s indicative of termite infestations.

When inspecting to get a termite infestation there are some issues you’ll be looking for like mud tubes, damaged wood and/or reside termites.

Mud tubes. Subterranean termites will often make their nest within the soil (moisture source) and then develop highways called “mud tubes” that run vertically or otherwise to connect the nest to a wooden food source. Mud tubes are a definite sign of termite infestation, however the absence of mud tubes does not imply that no infestations exist, because you will find other methods that termites attain food sources.

Damaged wood. Wood with sustained termite harm might appear “crushed” at structural joints. In the event you tap the broken wood using the end of the screwdriver or knife, you will hear a dull thud. Wood suspected of termite harm can be further inspected by probing the surface using the screwdriver or pocket knife to expose tunnels. Subterranean termites excavate tunnels that run parallel to the grain.

Piles of wings. Before swarmers enter the following stage of development, they will shed their wings which are frequently left in scattered piles close to windows or light sources.

Buckling or bubbling paint or brittle drywall.

Possible Problem Locations

They are the areas you’ll need to inspect extremely closely for indicators of termite infestation. Bear in mind that termites are typically discovered at or near ground level.

In the event you nonetheless suspect you’ve termites and also the inspection guide above didn’t lead you to a termite infestation, it is fairly possible you’ve drywood termites. Please refer to our Drywood inspection guide for more suggestions.

Check out the City list of common pest problems like mosquito problems.